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Industry Panels & Presentations . . .

  • Director Francis Ford Coppola at The American Pavilion, Cannes I
  • Actor Morgan Freeman at The American Pavilion, Cannes Internatio
  • Actress Andie MacDowell at The American Pavilion, Cannes Interna
  • Actress Jessica Chastain at The American Pavilion, Cannes Intern
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_005_roger-ebert_tommy-lee-jones
  • Kevin Kline at The American Pavilion, Cannes International Film

Wireless Café, Exhibits, & Business Services . . .

  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_wi-fi-lounge_member-services_001b
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_wi-fi-lounge_member-services_002
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_wi-fi-lounge_member-services_003
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_wi-fi-lounge_member-services_004
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_wi-fi-lounge_member-services_005
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_wi-fi-lounge_member-services_006

Networking, Special Events, & Much Much More . . .

  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_networking-parties-events-catering_001
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_networking-parties-events-catering_002
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_networking-parties-events-catering_003
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_networking-parties-events-catering_004
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_networking-parties-events-catering_005
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_networking-parties-events-catering_006

Full-Service Restaurant & Bar . . .

  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_bar-restaurant_001
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_bar-restaurant_002
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_bar-restaurant_003
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_bar-restaurant_004
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_bar-restaurant_005
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_bar-restaurant_006

Standard MembershipExtensive Amenities Just For You!

  • Wireless Café – Complimentary wi-fi. Stay connected and productive!
  • The Roger Ebert Conference Center – Gain insight and interact with industry luminaries in an intimate conference setting, the return of Times Talks, conversations between NYT journalists and 21st century talents.
  • Full-Service Restaurant & Bar – Featuring a menu of daily specialties made with fresh, local ingredients!
  • Coffee & Tea Bar – Enjoy authentic American coffee and specialty drinks!
  • Business Services – Laser printing, photocopying, faxing, and other administrative services available!
  • Publications – Pick up the International New York Times, official daily Festival calendars, trade publications, directories, and more!
  • Events & Parties – Member’s welcome party with wine, beer and appetizers. Also opportunities for networking, entertainment and fun!

The American Pavilion is Open
8:00AM – 6:00PM Daily Throughout the Festival

Please note: The American Pavilion is located within the International Village, which requires official Festival or Marché du Film credentials for entry, without exception. Please see the festival website for further information on the accreditation process.

Standard Membership

  • Pre-Fest (through May 11, 2016)$150 USD
  • On-Site (May 11–22, 2016)€180 EUR
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Red Carpet MembershipAn Unparalleled, Personalized Experience . . .

All of the benefits afforded our Standard Members, as well as:

  • Reserved Priority Seating for Conference Center Events
  • Nightly Cocktail Hour
  • Reserved Dining Tables with Dedicated Wait Staff
  • Convenience of Establishing a Food & Beverage Tab for the Duration of the Festival
  • Complimentary Continental Breakfast (8:00AM – 11:00AM) on our Seaside Red Carpet Terrace
  • Priority Wi-Fi Access
  • Business Services & Assistance
  • Complimentary Gift Bag from our Sponsors
  • 10 Complimentary Transferable Day Passes for One-Time Guest / Client Admission

Red Carpet Membership

  • Pre-Fest (through May 11, 2016)$900 USD
  • On-Site (May 11–22, 2016)€950 EUR
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Since its inception, The American Pavilion has served as the hub for Hollywood's presence in Cannes. It's the place to be if you want to be in the middle of the action.
– Roger Ebert

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