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Cannes Pre-Travel Student Planning Guide | Cannes Lions Intensive

We know you will have plenty of questions as you begin to prepare for your trip to Cannes, so we urge you to review the following information very carefully prior to contacting us with questions. You may want to print this page for ease of referral.

If you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, please contact us at (310) 837-4500 or

Again, congratulations on making it this far. We look forward to seeing you in Cannes!

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What to Expect
What to Bring

Program Dates: June 15-22, 2019

Participants arrive on June 15 at the Nice Cote d’Azur airport (before 5pm is preferred) and depart on June 22. The American Pavilion will provide housing from the night of June 15 through the night of June 21, departing on June 22.

Festival Dates: June 17-21, 2018


Please make arrangements to obtain a passport as soon as possible if you do not already have one. It can take up to six weeks to receive your passport. A good place to start is the US Department of State web site, or try calling your local post office. Please keep in mind your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond your intended return date.

When you arrive at the Nice airport on June 15, you will be met by American Pavilion staff members, who will direct you to a shuttle bus with other participants in the program who have arrived around the same time. You will then travel to the Résidence La Palme d’Azur Cannes Verrerie, a residence hotel located in Cannes la Bocca.

Please note: If you arrive in Nice somewhere other than the Nice Airport, you will be responsible for your own transportation to the Résidence Cannes Verrerie. Participants who arrive in Nice via train can travel to the airport and take the shuttle. If you arrive on your own at the Résidence Cannes Verrerie, you will be greeted by an American Pavilion staff member, who will check you in to your room and give you orientation information. There may be a short program meeting that night, but June 15 is a generally unscheduled day, reserved for the arrival of all program participants and check-in.

Please note that The American Pavilion CANNOT house students prior to June 15 or after checkout on June 22. You must make your own arrangements for a hotel in Nice or Cannes if you plan on arriving in the area before the 15th.



There will be a comprehensive orientation day starting at breakfast on June 16. At this time you will receive a full program itinerary.


Useful Resources

Official Cannes Lions Festival:
The American Pavilion:
The American Pavilion on Facebook:



Participant residence apartments are in the Résidence La Palme d’Azur Cannes Verrerie outside Cannes. Apartments are efficiency-style, consisting of a living room with two couch-style beds, an alcove with bunk beds, a kitchen and, in certain cases, a private bedroom. The private bedrooms are reserved for American Pavilion staff members, who serve as apartment chaperones for participants in the Student Program. As you check in, remember to keep the private bedroom free for your assigned staff member if applicable, as he or she may arrive after you do.

The Résidence La Palme d’Azur Cannes Verrerie has two swimming pools (subject to seasonal closures) and is in walking distance to the beach.

None of the apartment options offer maid service, and certain necessities such as toilet paper and soap are the guests’ responsibility.

WiFi is included at the residence.



The Résidence La Palme d’Azur Cannes Verrerie is located in the Cannes La Bocca district off the Blvd. du Midi on the rue de la Verrerie approximately 3.4 kilometers west of Cannes.

Local buses run approximately every 30 minutes during the day between the Cannes La Bocca district and the center of Cannes. Many students opt to share cabs, which are available at any hour. There is also the option of walking to and from the Festival along the beach (35 to 45 minutes at a normal pace or 25 to 35 minutes at a brisk pace); however, we do not recommend ever doing this alone or at night. Please see the transportation section below for more information.

Residence apartment address:
Résidence La Palme d’Azur Cannes Verrerie
6, rue de la Verrerie
06150 Cannes La Bocca, France
Tel: +33 (0) 9 53 86 05 60
*If mailing anything to the residence please include participant’s name followed by c/o The American Pavilion.

Time Zone:
Cannes is located in GMT + 1, and the time zone is abbreviated CET for Central European Time. Local times can be viewed at the following site (Paris is in the same time zone as Cannes):
France uses the 24h clock: 8:00 a.m. is 08h00, 1:00 p.m. is 13h00, 3:30 p.m. is 15h30, etc.


What To Expect

Although this will be discussed in more detail during the orientation, here is a brief description of what to expect.

The first day, June 15, we are simply checking in participants at the apartments.  If you arrive early in the day, you should just relax and try to get over jet lag (HINT: the key is not taking a nap!  If you stay awake on your first night until about 10 p.m. local time, the effects of jet lag the next day should be minimal).

Orientation will begin over breakfast on June 16.  Each morning thereafter, we will meet to review the Festival’s programming for that day.  Programming includes keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops and award presentations.  In between scheduled programming, students are encouraged to view shortlisted work up for awards, and attend as many social mixers as possible to network.  While entry to all Cannes Lions events is subject to capacity and scheduling limitations and cannot be guaranteed, our accreditation will provide access to all award presentations with the exception of the closing night awards gala, reserved for industry executives. The beauty of the Cannes Lions Festival is that even though it is an industry event, most of the programming is open to all professionals and students in tangential fields.

The last day of the Festival is June 21. The next day, June 22, students check out and depart.


What To Bring

The weather in Cannes is unpredictable. It can be rainy and cool as often as it is warm and beautiful, so bring layers.

The Festival is fairly low-key most of the time (especially during the day). Shorts or jeans and t-shirts are generally acceptable. However, some parties may suggest that you “dress smartly” which means nice, casual clothes.  Although The American Pavilion cannot guarantee invitations to parties, many past participants have been invited to parties based on networking skills, hard work and luck.

In addition to the items you would normally pack for an 8-day trip, we recommend you bring the following:

Converters/adapters: Please remember that the plug outlets in France are different than in the U.S.

Swimsuit and a beach towel: The Résidence Cannes Verrerie has two pools and is just steps away from the beach.

Comfortable walking shoes:  You will be walking a lot during orientation and walking is the main mode of transportation in town during the Festival.  Comfortable walking shoes are an absolute necessity.

French phrase book:  If you do not speak French, it would be helpful to gain at least a rudimentary knowledge of simple phrases before the Festival.  Most of the Festival will be conducted in English, but when dealing with shopkeepers and waiters in town, a couple of French phrases will get you far, even if it’s only “parlez vous Anglais?”

Euros: It is a good idea to bring at least some cash in euros (European currency).  Most of the banks in Cannes have automated tellers that accept your debit and credit cards.  Check with your financial institution to determine whether your account allows international withdrawals.  Travelers checks are not generally recommended as it can often be difficult to cash them.

Networking materials:  Participants are encouraged to bring business cards, resumés, and/or flash drives with samples of your work… you never know who might ask you to see them.

Medication (especially allergy medication), sunscreen, and proof of health insurance:  If you normally suffer from hay fever or asthma, we strongly suggest that you bring your normal medication with you. Spring in this part of Europe is notoriously difficult for allergy sufferers.  If you are taking any prescribed medication, please make sure to bring enough to last throughout your time in Europe!!

Photocopy of your passport kept separately from your actual passport:  You may also want to photocopy your medical insurance card and the telephone numbers for any credit cards you bring with you (800 numbers do not work outside the US, so you may have to do a little research to find your card’s international contact number). This may seem like a hassle now, but if you lose any of these items or have them stolen, it will be a much bigger hassle later.

Bath towel (optional): When you check in to the apartment you will receive one set of sheets and towels which are meant to last you for the duration of your stay. You may also bring your own towel, and/or wash your sheets and towels on your own in the Residence’s laundry room.

Travel guidebook:  There are several guidebooks on France published by companies like Let’s Go or Lonely Planet.  These guides contain important historical information, useful phrases, cultural guidelines and financial and transportation information.

Leave these things at home:

  • A photocopy of your passport
  • A photocopy of your travel itinerary
  • Items you could not bear to lose (such as laptops, expensive cameras, jewelry, or items of personal value to you) The American Pavilion cannot accept responsibility or liability for any personal items loss, stolen or damaged.

Take care not to over-pack!

Carrying numerous suitcases and bags quickly becomes tiresome and storage space in the apartments consists of very limited shelf and closet space. Please note that there is a laundromat near the student accommodation and many students have found it useful in the past to bring about a week’s worth of clothing and do laundry once during the course of the program (you could bring half as much clothing!). If you choose to use the laundromat, please be prepared to pay a bit more than you would in the states. You can expect to pay between 10 and 25 Euros for a load of laundry. If you plan to backpack in Europe after the program, you should bring only what you could comfortably carry by yourself while walking long distances.



Cannes is a place where people come to work. You are expected to act professionally and remember that you represent The American Pavilion at all times in Cannes.

Participants who fail to fulfill this commitment will lose all or part of their Festival privileges, which may include loss of accreditation to the Festival, expulsion from the program and removal from student accommodation, without refund of the program fee.

We do not allow the possession or use of any drugs or weapons during the course of the Student Program. Failure to adhere to this regulation will result in expulsion from the program.



Cannes can be expensive, so if you plan to eat out a lot or shop, budget accordingly.  Your breakfast will be provided starting June 16. Each apartment is also equipped with a kitchenette, so you may prepare your own meals when they are not provided.

Please check the US dollar to Euro (€) conversion rate just before you go.

Online Currency Converter:

The following is a rough guideline for how much money to bring with you.  Please be advised that everyone has different spending habits, so consider your own and adjust accordingly.

€175 Bare minimum, but not recommended. This will get you food from street vendors and some less expensive cafés. Of course, it helps if you are to attend a party or event where food and drink may be available for free. Truly a shoestring budget. Be resourceful!
€300 This will allow you to eat at a restaurant here and there and rely less on your ability to get a party invitation. You can also take a taxi here and there and still have enough do your laundry once.
€400 A sufficient budget that will allow you to eat at some of the restaurants around Cannes, perhaps buy some souvenirs and have a cushion for emergencies. Forget the bus, hail that taxi!
€750 A luxurious budget, one that will allow you to dine at the hotels where celebrities pay 10-20€ for a single drink. You should also have enough cash to go shopping in town.



Local transportation consists of shuttle buses, taxis and local buses.

The Résidence Cannes Verrerie provides a free shuttle bus during peak morning and afternoon hours. However, seats are not guaranteed and the schedule can be sporadic.

There is a local bus line that takes you from the Résidence to the center of town for about €1.50. You can buy a weekly pass for €13.50. The local buses do not run after 10 p.m. weekdays and 11 p.m. weekends; however, the bus schedule is subject to change during the Festival.

Taxis and Ubers run twenty-four hours a day and are more costly than buses, though sharing a cab with other students lessens the price somewhat. The walk (along the beach) between the Festival and the student residence takes approximately thirty-five minutes.



Send us an email Call: (310) 837-4500