L.A. Intensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m an international student. May I apply?

Yes. The American Pavilion welcomes international applications; we require only that applicants speak English.

I’ve already graduated from college. May I apply?

Yes. L.A. Intensive accepts participants of all ages and levels of education.

I am not a film student. May I apply?

Yes, but be aware that we still need to see a demonstrable interest in pursuing a career in film from your application materials

I’ve applied to the program before. Can you use my original application and consider me again?

No; you will need to reapply in full.

Can I get school credit for the program?

Many students have received credit for the program. If you are interested in obtaining credit, you will need to speak to your school about the correct procedure.

I can’t stay for the whole program. May I come late or leave early?

No; participants must attend the entire program.

If I’m accepted and later am unable to attend, can I get a refund of the program fee?

No. The American Pavilion cannot offer refunds due to the fact that we must book housing at the time students are accepted.

I don’t have a lot of film-related experience on my resumé. Will this hurt my application?

No; we are interested in non-film experience as well.

How is the L.A. Intensive Program related to the Cannes Program?

L.A. Intensive and the Cannes Student Program are entirely separate educational programs offered by The American Pavilion. While we have had several students do two programs, acceptance to one is not a prerequisite for any other.

Is there a set program or do you change it based on the applicants?

There is some programming that we always schedule because we find it relevant for anyone interested in the film business, but we do make an effort, since it is such a small elite group of students to tailor the program to their specific interests as best we can.

Will I need to provide my own transportation?

You must provide transportation from the airport or your point of destination to the housing on the first day and the last day. Transportation during the program is provided.

Do I have to be ready to start looking for a job or can I still be in school?

L.A. Intensive is perfect for a student at any stage of his or her journey. It is a great transition program from school into the real world, and it is also a great program for current students to get a more specific grasp of what they want to do in the industry.

If I plan on going to New York after graduation why should I do this program?

The majority of the film industry is still based in Los Angeles, and it is always good to explore all your options before committing to a city. Furthermore, L.A. Intensive offers more than just an exploration of Los Angeles but an in depth look at the workings of the film industry that is relevant for any city you choose to move to.



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