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Pre-Travel Student Planning Guide | LA Intensive

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Pre-Travel Student Planning Guide | LA Intensive

We know you will have plenty of questions as you begin to prepare for your trip to Los Angeles, so we urge you to review the following information very carefully prior to contacting us with questions. You may want to print this page for ease of referral.

If you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, please contact us at (310) 837-4500 or studentprograms@ampav.com.

Again, congratulations on making it this far. We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles!

TRAVEL: The program dates are August 3, 2019 to August 11, 2019.  Check in at UCLA will begin at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 3 and checkout will be at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 11.  Please be sure to provide your travel information online so that we can arrange to have an American Pavilion staff person on campus to meet you if you arrive before 4:00 p.m.  Although there is no early check in, you can store your luggage and explore the campus a bit.  Please arrange your travel accordingly.

ADDRESS: Program participants will be housed at Sunset Village on the UCLA campus. The address and contact information is as follows:

Sunset Village

350 De Neve Drive, 131707

Los Angeles CA 90024-1317

Phone: 310.825.2075 Fax: 310.825.7092

Here is a link to the UCLA campus map:


In the upper left corner, look for the 6 green “Sunset Tennis Courts” just below the “Spieker Aquatics Ctr.”  Immediately below the tennis courts, next to where it says “Courtside,” you’ll see a parking “P” in a square box. This is where you should be dropped off!

We recommend you fly into LAX and use the LAX Super Shuttle or Prime Time Shuttle for ground transfer to UCLA.  After collecting your luggage upon arrival, simply go to the shuttle stop on the “island” outside baggage claim under a sign reading “shared rides.”  Neither Prime Time nor Super Shuttle require advance notice, but you can reserve them ahead of time online.  The fare is approximately $18 to $24 per person each way. There is also a service called “Fly Away LA” which may be slightly cheaper, but it will not drop off or pick up at UCLA.  The closest Fly Away gets to campus is a stop at “Parking Lot 32” in Westwood, which is about a 20-25 minute walk from UCLA’s Sunset Village.  Uber and Lyft are also now available at LAX.  You will only need transportation to and from the airport, all other transportation during the week will be provided by us.

MEALS:  Breakfast and dinner are included in your program fee and will take place on the UCLA campus.  Lunches will be at numerous locations, and will be up to each individual to cover.

WORKOUT FACILITIES:  While on campus you will have access to two workout facilities.

PHONES:  Each room has a telephone that can be used to place calls within the campus.  Pay phones are available for outside calls, in the event you won’t have your own cell phone.

INTERNET:  Wifi Internet access is available in each room at no cost.

We are putting together a fantastic program for you this year, and we really look forward to your arrival!  If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask.

You may also visit the following web sites for UCLA maps and additional
UCLA Campus Map: www.UCLA.edu/map/viewmap
Sunset Village Map www.ucla.edu/map/map_northwest

We are currently finalizing this year’s program with plans to include: a workshop devoted to career strategies, resumes, and interviewing; a “studio day” with a private tour of a major studio; programming devoted to television production; programming devoted to post-production and special effects; programming devoted to independent films; and programming focusing on the future of the entertainment industry, a visit to a filming location and possibly a day which includes a pitch session to a development VP from a major production company. It is going to be quite a program!

You will be provided with updates on the schedule in the weeks prior to your arrival and a more detailed schedule upon your arrival. We will also be sending out more emails in the weeks prior to the program with additional information and tips to make the most of your time here in Los Angeles.



Useful Resources

The American Pavilion: www.ampav.com
The American Pavilion on Facebook: www.facebook.com/americanpavilion



What To Bring

The weather in LA can fluctuate. It can be warm in the day and cool at night, so bring layers.  In addition to the items you would normally pack for a two and an 8-day trip, we recommend you bring the following:

Networking materials. Participants are encouraged to bring business cards, resumés, scripts and/or completed videos, should anyone ask you for these.

Medication (especially allergy medication), sunscreen, and proof of health insurance. If you normally suffer from hay fever or asthma, we strongly suggest that you bring your normal medication with you.   If you are taking any prescribed medication, please make sure to bring enough to last throughout your stay.

Photocopy of your passport kept separately from your actual passport. You may also want to photocopy your medical insurance card and the telephone numbers for any credit cards you bring with you. Passport photocopies aren’t needed if you’re a U.S. citizen arriving in L.A. from another U.S. city.

Bath towel (optional).  You may want a larger towel to take with you to the Sunset Village pool if you don’t want to use the dorm towels supplied with each room.

Leave these things at home:

  • A photocopy of your passport
  • A photocopy of your travel itinerary
  • Items you could not bear to lose (such as laptops, expensive cameras, jewelry, or items of personal value to you) The American Pavilion cannot accept responsibility or liability for any personal items loss, stolen or damaged.

Take care not to over-pack.

Carrying numerous suitcases and bags quickly becomes tiresome and storage space in the dorms consists of limited shelf and closet space.



You are expected to act professionally and remember that you represent The American Pavilion at all times during your week in L.A.

We do not allow the possession or use of any drugs or weapons during the course of the Student Program.  Failure to adhere to this regulation will result in expulsion from the program.




Aside from your airport transfers to and from UCLA when you arrive and depart, you should not have need for taxis or other public transportation.  We will provide all transportation throughout each day of scheduled programming.



Send us an email Call: (310) 837-4500