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Gallery: Sponsorship

  • Chloe Sevigny
    Chloe Sevigny
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_002
    Wireless Cafe sponsored by Intel
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_003
    Director Stephen Frears
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_004
    Variety magazine
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_005
    Newsstand featuring trade publications, sponsored by the Los Angeles Times
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_006
    A Pavilion member reading the International Herald Tribune at The Pavilion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_007
    John Turturro at a press conference in The Pavilion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_008
    Andie MacDowell at a press conference in The Pavilion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_009
    Christina Ricci at a ribbon-cutting photo-op, in The Pavilion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_010
    Kirsten Dunst at The American Pavilion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_011
    Sean Penn at a press conference in The Pavilion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_012
    Midnite Express, a sponsor since 1989, providing direct shipping to Cannes for the Festival
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_013
    Exhibition graphics installation
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_014
    Sponsored exhibit
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_015
    Claire Danes at a ribbon-cutting photo-op, at The Pavilion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_016
    Attendees line-up to enter The Pavilion's Roger Ebert Conference Center for a panel discussion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_017
    Bon Appétit branded directors' chairs
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_018
    Morgan Freeman and Roger Ebert "In Conversation" an exclusive series at The Pavilion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_019
    Colin Firth and Ray Bennett "In Conversation"
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_020
    Jude Law speaks with students at The Pavilion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_021
    Sponsored panel discussion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_022
    James Cameron participates in a panel discussion via Skype, who also sponsored the Conference Center
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_023
    James Cameron participates in a panel discussion via Skype
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_025
    Faye Dunaway on the beachside terrace of The Pavilion
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_026
    Mario Batali gives a televised cooking demonstration, sponsored by Kitchen Aid and Bon Appétit
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_027
    Sponsored beverages served to members at The Pavilion Bar & Restaurant
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_028
    Choclatique presentation
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_029
    Chocolatines presentation
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_030
    Coffee service sponsored by Weaver's Coffee & Tea
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_031
    Branded membership badges for LinkedIn sponsorship and activation
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_032
    Wireless Cafe landing page sponsored by Lycos Cinema
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_034
    Banner placement, visible to festival spectators from the Croisette
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_035
    Green Team sponsored by Warner Brothers for the environmental documentary "The 11th Hour"
  • the-american-pavilion_cannes_sponsorship-and-celebrities_036
    Promotional items distributed via The Pavilion to select guests

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Incredible brand integration opportunities that optimize exposure and engagement with the world’s top tastemakers and influencers.
  • Prime real estate in the heart of the Cannes International Film Festival, creating an ideal setting in which to meet customers
  • Ongoing branding and visibility to the thousands of industry professionals doing business and socializing in The Pavilion throughout the 12-day Festival
  • A platform for launching new products and promoting existing products
  • Sponsored panels and screenings, ideal for media exposure
  • A framework for building relationships within the filmmaking community through client entertainment
  • Positioning for an organization as an educator in the film community
For more information, contact:

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