Cannes Film & Business Program

May 6–21, 2018 | New! Watch Student Videos

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Learn, Work, Connect

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    • Two-day pre-Festival orientation with workshops and seminars
    • Participate in The Roundtable Series
    • Attend Festival and Market screenings

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    • Complete an internship at The American Pavilion, the de facto headquarters for the American film community, or at a company doing business at the Marché du Film. Partner companies include talent agencies, production/distribution companies (both domestic and international), trade publications, and PR firms.

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    • Screen your film in the Roger Ebert Conference Center
    • Network with industry insiders
    • Meet like-minded students from all over the world

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  • Jude Law at The American Pavilion
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Cannes with AmPav is still hands-down one of the highlights of my life. Not just my career, my life.
—James Cooper, Cannes Alumnus, 2008 & LA Intensive Alumnus, 2007

Registration Process

Application Requirements

Applications are considered complete when all of the following items have been uploaded to the The American Pavilion site (Items 1,2 &3), and received at The American Pavilion mailing address or via email to  (Items 4,5,6 &7) and a $50 non-refundable application fee has been paid.

1. Application form

2. Essay questions

3. One standard passport sized headshot photo for accreditation in digital .jpg format. Minimum dimensions: 100×140 pixels, maximum file size: 1 mb. File must be titled as applicant’s full name (ie: doe_john.jpg).

4. Copy of college or business school transcript (unofficial is fine)

5. Current resumé

6. Letter of recommendation from professor.  Letter must be signed and on letterhead (even if scanned and sent digitally).

7. Letter of recommendation from a current or former employer.  Letter must be signed and on letterhead (even if scanned and sent digitally).  If you are not now or have never been employed, submit two letters from two different professors or other factulty.

Completed applications are reviewed by The American Pavilion Selection Committee on a rolling basis. Candidates who meet all of the requirements for admission will be contacted for a telephone interview and notified of a decision on a first come, first served basis.

All completed applications received by December 8, 2017 will be considered Early Decision. Candidates are encouraged to apply early as the program can fill up quickly.

Payment may  be made on-line with major credit cards or by check or money order, made payable to The American Pavilion. Payments by check and application items 4-7 can be mailed to:

Cannes Student Program Selection Committee
The American Pavilion
9336 West Washington Boulevard
Building B, Suite 200
Culver City, CA 90232

Apply Online

Conditions of Acceptance

If accepted into the program, applicant has four days to confirm participation in the program.  Failure to confirm acceptance may result in losing your place in the program.

If accepted Early Decision,  a non-refundable payment of  $2000 is due within two weeks of acceptance to hold your place in the program.  An additional payment of $1695 is due 30 days later.

If accepted General Admission, a non refundable payment of $3695.00 due within two weeks of acceptance.

Failure to comply with the above stated conditions may result in forfeiting your place in the program.

Important Dates:

Early Decision: December 8, 2017
General Admission: February 9, 2018

Flight/Travel Arrangements:

If accepted in the program, students are responsible for travel arrangements to and from Nice, France.

Program Fee: $3695, includes:

  • 15 nights of shared accommodation with three to four other participants in a European-style residence apartment a 10-minute drive from the Festival.
  • Unique and exclusive Cannes International Film Festival accreditation allowing privileged access reserved for American Pavilion participants
  • Airport pick-up on arrival day
  • Airport drop-off on departure day
  • Daily breakfast
  • Membership to The American Pavilion
  • Guidance from an industry adviser
  • Admission to The Roundtable Series (work schedule permitting)
  • Access to The American Pavilion in-house ticketing system
  • End-of-program party


Visit the FAQ pageSend us an email Call: 310.202.3370