Promote your organization in Cannes!

This Spring, you could be here!

For over 35 years The American Pavilion has provided a platform for film commissions to reach industry decision makers.

If it is publicity you want … Cannes is the place to get it.

“The kind of publicity you could get in Cannes in two days you couldn’t get if you would travel around the world for the next 60 days…simply because you have here thousands and thousands of journalists from all over the world. You need to invite the press, and then you can very successfully in two days hit the entire world with a very successful publicity campaign…and that’s the idea of coming to Cannes.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“This is the most important film event in the world. This is where the films are, this is where the people are, this is where the whole world is.” 

Roger Ebert

Film commissions who have been part of The American Pavilion’s 35-year history include:

Arizona Film and Digital Media
Film AlUla
California Film Commission
Film Wyoming
Film Jefferson (Louisiana)
Fulton Films
Hungary National Film Instutute
Maryland Film Office
Massachusetts Film Office
Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission
The New York Mayor’s Office on Film and Television
The New York State Governor’s Office of Motion Picture & Television Development
North Carolina Film Office
Polish Film Institute
Puerto Rico Film Commission
The San Jose Film Office
Spain Film Commission

Branding, including logo display, literature display and video reel throughout the 12-day event.

Panel Discussion
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Host an event on our beachside terrace to reach industry members in a premiere setting.

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