Fundraising Ideas

Thank you for your interest in The American Pavilion Worldwide Student Program! We hope this list helps you find the resources to fund your trip. It will be an unforgettable experience, as well as an investment in your future!

School Resources

Reach out to your school about grants and/or financial aid* for programs abroad. In addition to the financial aid office, talk to the study abroad office, the career center, and your department chair/head to see if they have any funds available.

*In order to receive financial aid, many students get school credit for participation in our programs. If your school requires confirmation from us to grant you credit, please contact us at studentprograms@ampav.com for assistance.

Other campus resources: Are you involved in any charitable, ethnic, religious, or campus clubs or organizations? Do you belong to a fraternity, sorority, or honor society? Be sure to reach out to them to see if they can help sponsor your trip!


Different crowdfunding sites have different ways of working so be sure to carefully research each site before starting a campaign. We recommend choosing one site – using multiple sites might dilute your fundraising efforts. Pay attention to the terms and fees: can you keep everything you raise, even if you don’t hit your goal, or is it all or nothing? How much does the site take from each donation?

Don’t forget to share your campaign on social media and with your school/alumni networks! You’re essentially passing around a hat collecting smaller contributions from many people who’d support your trip – every little bit helps! Here’s a list of crowdfunding sites to look into:








*If you need help pitching your cause, refer to the section in blue below!

Creative Fundraising

Local newspaper, TV or radio station: Approach your hometown paper or news station and offer to report from the festival in exchange for helping to cover your trip expenses. You could blog daily, write exclusive movie reviews, or post TikTok videos as an on-the-ground correspondent!

Local organizations: Reach out to social clubs, local businesses, foundations, churches/temples, and community organizations like The Rotary Club, Elks, Kiwanis, Lions, or other special-interest groups who might be interested in sponsoring your trip. Do your parents or grandparents belong to any charitable organizations, heritage groups, or alumni associations? Be sure to reach out to them too!

Leverage your talents: Use your photography, video, painting, crafting, social media, music, culinary, baking, yoga, or any special skill(s) in exchange for donations to your trip. You could teach classes or offer headshots/portraits for a suggested donation of $50-100 and the contributions will soon add up!

Odd jobs, yard sales, bake sales: Babysitting, tutoring, dog walking, car washing, and yardwork are all ways you can earn extra money. Be resourceful! – offer to help friends or family “Marie Kondo” their home, and in exchange you can sell the items in a yard sale!

Gifts: Ask for contributions to your trip instead of birthday, holiday, or graduation gifts. If someone is unable to contribute monetarily, they may have frequent flyer miles they can donate for your travel expenses.

Letter writing or email campaign: Formally reach out to your family, friends, and other potential donors by writing a letter or personal email. Make sure you tell your story and why this trip is important to you. Need help getting started? Refer to the list below!

If you need some help writing a letter to potential donors, or a prompt for your crowdfunding campaign, we’ve put together a list of benefits you can use. Many students have received support as a gift, so we hope this helps as you discuss the opportunity with your family, friends, and other networks.

Why You Should Support My AmPav Dream:

✩ This is a great way to pack in a lot of learning and make multiple connections in a short time span.

✩ This program offers exclusive access that is unavailable to the public. 

✩ The American Pavilion program is a student’s first business trip to a festival, providing unparalleled networking and professional futures.

✩ By doing this program, students become part of a robust alumni network that includes influential people scattered throughout the entertainment industry.

✩ Alumni receive lifetime membership to The American Pavilion, for any future trips to the Cannes Film Festival.

✩ Adding a program like this to a résumé gives an edge over competition.

✩ The American Pavilion has been in Cannes for 35 years, and runs the only student program officially sanctioned by the Cannes Film Festival.  

✩ For many college-age students, experiences matter more than material gifts. Experiencing the unique culture of this event makes students well-rounded and informed citizens of the world.

✩ AmPav is now part of Penske Media (PMC), whose brands include Variety, the Golden Globes, Dick Clark Productions, Deadline, the Hollywood Reporter, Sportico, Rolling Stone, Billboard, South by Southwest, She Media, Fairchild Media, Spy, ARTNews, and many other high-profile companies.

✩ Because it is an unforgettable gift and an investment in my future!

Grants & Scholarships

There are hundreds of grants and scholarships available to students wanting to study abroad and the best part is you don’t have to pay them back! There’s a wide range of criteria, including need-based, merit-based, identity-based, and interest-specific so do your research and apply to as many as possible. Here’s a list of places to start searching for scholarships that you might be eligible for:

Access Scholarships

All Abroad


Campus France

Film Student Scholarships

Fund for Education Abroad

Gap Year Association








AmPav Resources

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OPPORTUNITY FOR AMPAV ALUMNI: If you’ve participated in one of our programs before and are interested in recruiting at your school (or online) to help offset your expenses, please contact us at studentprograms@ampav.com.

Questions or comments? Contact us at: studentprograms@ampav.com

If you find any incorrect information or think we’ve missed an important resource or fundraising idea, please let us know!