Student Videos

Student Videos from The American Pavilion at the Cannes International Film Festival, 2012

The University of Notre Dame presents “The Festival”

In May of 2012, eight of the University of Notre Dame’s best and brightest arrived on the French Riviera armed with brand new cameras and a mission: To make a 10-minute film about the Cannes Film Festival and the role The American Pavilion plays there. The result was not only this wonderful window into the workings of Cannes and The Pavilion, but also four featurettes of some of the internships the students participated in, such as Business, Events, and Culinary. Stay tuned for the four featurettes coming soon. The American Pavilion would like to thank Notre Dame Professor Aaron Magnan-Park and his stellar team of budding filmmakers, Collin Erker, Zuri Eshun, Phillip Gayoso, Leah Kalas, Erin Moffitt, Alissa Ott, Edward Song, and Nicole Timmerman, for all their hard work in bringing this documentary project to fruition.

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