Industry In Focus: The Art of Motion Picture Advertising

Marissa Garcia, cialis Mark Trugman, viagra Doug Wick, Bonnie Voland, Stephen Garrett (Cannes, France) Some of the biggest advertising and industry heads in town stopped by the American Pavilion for an afternoon panel to discuss the importance of advertising and film trailers. Among the professionals on deck were: Academy Award Wining Producer Doug Wick (Lawless), […]

In Conversation: Indie Directors at Cannes

  (Cannes, view France) Indie Directors Rodney Ascher (Room 237), Adam Leon (Gimme the Loot), Ben Wheatley (Sightseers) stopped by the American Pavilion to talk about the ever-growing indie film industry. James Rocchi from MSN Movies was on hand to moderate. “Whatever your assets are… you can use that to get visibility for your film!” […]

“Jackie Chan Drops by the American Pavilion to Unleash Chinese Zodiac!”

  (Cannes, France) Jackie Chan was in town at the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival to promote his upcoming December release of “Chinese Zodiac,” written by Chan and directed by acclaimed Hollywood veteran Bret Ratner. Chan, who vows that this is his last action flick, stopped by the American Pavilion to share his trailer and […]

“Chinese Actress Vivian Wu Takes the American Pavilion by Storm!”

Actress Vivian Wu and Director Zhu Minjiang (Photo by Alaina L. Lewis) (Cannes, France) Actress Vivian Wu and Director Zhu Minjiang dropped by the American Pavilion to promote their film “To Forgive” which is screening in the Festival Market. Wu, who is wearing Michael Kohr’s sunglasses, one of the American Pavilion’s biggest sponsors, radiated on […]

Industry In Focus: American Women In Film

  Jacqueline Lyanga, look Emily Glassman, buy Christine D’Souza, Deborah McIntosh, Sharon Waxman (Photo by Alaina L. Lewis) (Cannes, France) On Saturday afternoon at the American Pavilion, a panel was offered to attendees with some of the film industries rising female stars who offered a voice and perspective on the state of Women in Film. […]

Student Spotlight: Meet the Member Services Team!

Most of these students are pursuing degrees in Event Management and Hospitality and are apart of that internship program offered here at the American Pavilion. All of them are excited for the opportunity to work with Ampav and gain hands on experience assisting guests in a fast paced environment at one of the biggest film […]

SAG Indie Roundtable: Producer Adetoro Makinde

(Cannes, France) Film Producer Adetoro Makinde (“A Good Day To Be Black and Sexy“) dropped by the American Pavilion to host a SAG Indie roundtable discussion for students about producing independent film. Makinde has been fortunate to have her work screened at the Sundance Film Festival and various other festivals around the world. She’s currently […]

“Ann Curry Cuts the American Pavilion Ribbon on Day 2 of the Cannes Film Festival”

Cannes, medicine France) Yesterday Ann Curry stopped by the American Pavilion to add a little more kindling to the celebration with a festive ribbon cutting to kick off Ampav’s start to the Cannes Film Festival. Reporters and Pavilion guests were on deck to welcome the Today Show Anchor as she offered anecdotes and advice to […]

American Pavilion Kicks Off the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival!

(Cannes, capsule France) The teasing game is over, and Marilyn Monroe can finally blow the candles out on the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival birthday cake! The festival rolled out its red carpet on May 16th, 2012, with assistance from the American Pavilion, a 20+ year mainstay at the festival, who helped the celebration by […]

A Walk Through of the American Pavilion

(Cannes, vcialis 40mg France) The Video Production Team here at Cannes took the time to create this Gem of a video which illustrates life here at the American Pavilion. Please join student Joao Gomes as he takes you on a tour of our little piece of Cannes.